Working from home and the time crisis. Part 1

I want to write a post about my time issues and working from home for the first time in my life. Working from home was something I always wanted to do, mainly because I have a cat and also thought it would give me alot of freedom. I didn’t make the jump because I didn’t have enough savings, no clients and a small portfolio, plus I was not sure about the style I wanted to lean on. You see this was all in my head an ideal that reality may have knocked for six. Anyway right at the end of 2012 I got made redundant, in fact, a whole office got made redundant, it was a shock and very sudden, three weeks to earn some overtime and it wasn’t until the end that I could stop and think. I looked for jobs but only applied for one (which I didn’t get) I just didn’t want to work for anyone so I decided, well go for it!

Time Crisis

In the first month I found that I was waking up at 11.30 at the earliest, but before twelve. I would get up and wander around for a bit then start working at three, or looking for small jobs on the internet. The second month I realized this had to stop so gradually I would set an alarm for 11 oclock, then 10 oclock. Now I am getting up at 9am or just before 9am which is perfect and I am just beginning my third month.

Now it is the issue of getting things done. Suddenly I have to organise my own time. I realised that being employed for over ten years meant I subconsciously relied on the system, so long as I was told what to do, I didn’t need to think about that aspect of things.

I get round to working my best at around 11.30pm… and I could probably sit down and work til 4am. I have a rule to be in bed before 2am, its all about focusing my energy to start work much earlier..


I have so many distractions, my main distraction is computer games! I would get up and play a computer game while my brain started to operate for the morning. I have only been on wordpress for a few days but I think blogging may be a good way to focus my mind off the computer games.

So I want to look back at this post in a few months and hopefully be In a better place, adapt away from a job and be my own boss! Until part 2!