The Lost Reindeer – A Christmas Story

Here is an illustration I did for a gorgeous Christmas Story, ‘The Lost Reindeer’ by Barbara Godwin. Perfect illustration for Christmas! Advertisements

The Ghostly Ghastlys Book 2. Branwin.

My illustration is from the fabulous Book 2 from the Ghostly Ghastly series, ‘Branwin’ and the introduction of Branwin.    

The Ghostly Ghastlys. Finding a Home

The Ghostly Ghastlys is a fantastic series of e-books written by Barbara Godwin and illustrated by me. The stories center around a family of ghosts, mum, dad and their mischievous kids. Book One… Continue reading

Illustration and the Time Crisis. Part 2

Its been almost a year since I wrote my post about working as a freelance illustrator and find it very interesting to read back on my initial thoughts when I first started out.… Continue reading

Web Graphic inspired by a Swiss watch

Doing some web graphic for website and decided to base the design on a Swiss watch as they are so beautiful on the inside.

Violet M Williams

  I have just created a new page on my blog with the illustration work of my grandmother, Violet M Williams. I will do some further updates to the page as there are… Continue reading


It has been a while since I made an update and have been working hard illustrating the latest children’s book. This piece was created for a clients Easter children’s festival in France and… Continue reading


I was asked to create a ‘splendid Octopus’ as a logo, I have never drawn an octopus before but rather love this guy!

Portrait picture and photoshop brushes

I wanted to experiment with all the photoshop brushes there are out there, there can be so many that it becomes confusing! I think the best way to play around with the brush… Continue reading

Waking up, an illustration

This is an illustration I drew for myself. I wanted to create a magical room of a girl waking up early in her magical room.