Working from home and the time crisis. Part 1

I want to write a post about my time issues and working from home for the first time in my life. Working from home was something I always wanted to do, mainly because… Continue reading

Journey to China

China inspires me so I drew a scene with a Chinese dragon. Its year of the snake this year so I amy do another if I have time!

A children’s e-book, Mr McMarvels Amazing Machines

This is my second commissioned children’s book, this was great fun and had more images to draw than my first book.

My first children’s book illustration

This book will always be very special to me. It is my first commissioned children’s book illustration and was made and written for e-readers. I realized that when  I was drawing, I smiled! I have not done… Continue reading

Just draw, don’t think!

A blog for me to remember ‘just draw’ I am a new illustrator that has the tendency to think too much rather than just putting pencil to paper. For many years I have… Continue reading